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Cosmetic Solutions
This Could Be You


Porcelain Veneers
(before    &       after)


Entirely Porcelain Crowns
(before  &     after)

Historically, crowns (also known as "caps") consisted of porcelain fused to a metal understructure. Though this metal is typically gold-based, other elements make the metal very dark. Over time, some of this metal may reveal itself, creating a very unattractive dark gum line around the crown.

Cosmetic/Bonded Fillings
(before   &     


("aging" stains before & after)

before whitening

after whitening

Dentist-fabricated Home Trays : Available since the mid-80's.  This involves fabricating custom trays with a reservoir in front of each tooth to hold a prescription bleaching gel. Typically you wear these trays while you sleep.

One of the advantages of this whitening process is that you can more accurately control the degree of whitening. It also provides the option for you to re-whiten in the future with only the minor expense of gel.

1 Hour : A one appointment procedure, providing a considerably quicker result than the dentist home tray whitening process. In our office, our 1-hour whitening process also includes the custom home tray whitening system. If we did not include the home trays, future whitening would have been an additional fee. In addition, I feel that the 1-hour portion only takes a patient 80-100% of their whitening potential.


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